GM Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 Pepsi Blue/Red Ceramic Bezel with Jubilee Bracelet

GM Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 126710 Pepsi Blue/Red Ceramic Bezel with Jubilee Bracelet

The replica GMT-Master II stands as one of Rolex’s best-selling replica wacth, and the latest addition to the GMT family is the 126710. This particular model, often referred to as the Pepsi watch, features a striking blue/red bi-color ceramic bezel. In the watch market, the genuine GMT-Master II 126710 can command a price of up to 20,000 US Dollars, yet it continues to attract numerous watch enthusiasts, highlighting its immense popularity.Within the replica watch industry, several factories excel in producing high-quality Rolex GMT-Master replicas. BP, KS, DJ, GM, and Noob are among the top five manufacturers known for their exceptional craftsmanship in this regard. Notably, KS, DJ, and GM emerged as new players towards the end of 2018. When it comes to the replica of the Rolex GMT-Master II 126710, GM stands out as the sole factory utilizing 904L stainless steel, making it their greatest advantage.However, it is important to mention that Noob has yet to release their version of this particular replica. If you are eagerly awaiting the finest rendition from Noob, you may still need to exercise patience for a few more months.

The 126710 features a case crafted from solid 904L stainless steel, known for its exceptional corrosion resistance. In fact, the entire middle case of the watch is made from this robust stainless steel material. As for the bezel, GM factory utilizes a genuine bi-color blue and red ceramic insert. The process of firing the bi-color ceramic is highly challenging, but through extensive research, GM factory has successfully replicated the natural appearance of the Pepsi ceramic bezel found on the genuine watch. Additionally, the 24-hour markers on the bezel are filled with a platinum coating, closely resembling the color of the markers on the genuine timepiece.

The dial of the replica rolex showcases meticulous attention to detail. It boasts a sleek black design complemented by white round hour markers, enhancing visibility. The red GMT hand matches the vibrant red color seen on the genuine watch. However, due to the utilization of an Asia ETA 2836 movement, the hand stack may not be entirely accurate, possibly being the only flaw discernible on the dial. Nevertheless, the GMT hand functions precisely, emulating the performance of the original GMT model.

The Jubilee bracelet on this watch is a standout feature, constructed from solid 904L stainless steel. Each link of the bracelet offers flexibility and comfort. The central sections of the links are polished, while the links on the sides sport a brushed finish, resulting in a bracelet that perfectly replicates the brightness and texture of the original. It’s worth mentioning that the reliable Asia ETA 2836 automatic movement serves as the heart of this replica watch, earning it the reputation of being a pioneering movement in the fake watch industry. In addition to the blue/red 126710, GM factory has also introduced the black/blue 126710BLNR model.

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