EW Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 36mm Yellow Gold with Green Dial

EW Factory Replica Rolex Day-Date 36mm Yellow Gold with Green Dial

Nowadays, the situation in the watch industry has become challenging. Many large factories have closed down, indicating a reluctance to reopen. Additionally, ordering watches from existing factories has become increasingly difficult, with lengthy processing and shipping times, especially for deliveries to the United States and other European countries. This situation has led me to consider quitting this business and only updating my blog when I have spare time. In such a complex environment, it seems like there are no winners. However, amid these challenges, there are a few watch factories that have managed to excel. EW is one such factory.

To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with this factory before. I first heard about EW in 2021. In the past, the top-quality replica Rolex watches were primarily manufactured by four main factories: ARF, GMF, Noob, and VSF. People always sought out the best replica watches, and they were primarily interested in watches produced by these well-known factories. However, as more and more prominent watch factories closed down, people began to shift their focus to watches made by smaller factories. This presented an opportunity for EW to gain attention and recognition in the market.

This UK best Rolex Day-Date replica watch is manufactured by EW factory and was launched in April 2020. During that time, EW did not utilize 904L stainless steel, so this watch is constructed with 316F stainless steel. However, the surface is coated with genuine yellow gold, although the gold layer is not very thick. I hadn’t paid much attention to the Day-Date model before, but today I noticed its appealing combination of yellow gold and green, which grabbed my attention.

The watch features a 36mm case diameter and is 12mm thick. The case, fluted bezel, and bracelet are all plated with yellow gold. The dial has a gradient green color, transitioning from a lighter shade in the center to a darker shade towards the outer dial. Each hour marker is square-shaped with a golden frame and is adorned with carefully cut and set “crystals” that resemble diamonds. If you prefer genuine diamonds, certain stores in our market can provide and assist in installing them into the hour markers.

The replica features an Asian clone 3255 movement, which is an automatic mechanical movement based on a Chinese automatic movement. The movement plates and auto rotor have been minimally decorated to resemble the genuine Rolex 3255 Calibre. This clone 3255 movement from the EW factory offers excellent value for money, making it a cost-efficient option for those looking for high performance in a replica Rolex.

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