Clean Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR Batman Released

Clean Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II 116710BLNR Batman Released

About a month ago, I mentioned that Clean Factory would be releasing high-quality replicas GMT-Master II watch. As a result, some clients placed orders for the Clean GMT-Master II several weeks ago but have not yet received their watches. The reason for the delay is that Clean Factory only released a limited quantity of the GMT-Master II replicas at once, and the demand for these watches is quite high. Consequently, not everyone has had the opportunity to purchase one, and those interested are required to place an order and patiently wait for their turn.I recently heard that Clean Factory plans to release stocks of the GMT-Master II Batman edition. However, I am not sure if they have already made these watches available. One of my clients has ordered one, and we hope that the process will be smoother this time.

The Batman 116710BLNR has consistently been the top-selling GMT-Master II in our market. Previously, Noob was known for producing the best replica watches of the Batman model. However, Noob faced some issues and temporarily closed down. Fortunately, there is news that Noob will be making a comeback soon, as they have resolved their problems. Additionally, V6 and VS are also expected to return alongside Noob. This is excellent news for enthusiasts.Currently, there are four factories that are producing high-quality GMT-Master II replicas: Clean, VR, AR, and GM. If you can wait, I highly recommend Clean as the first choice. However, it’s worth noting that the GMT-Master replicas from the other three factories are also very good.

In terms of the GMT-Master II model, Clean factory does not possess significant advantages compared to other factories or even previous versions by Noob. However, one notable aspect where Clean factory stands out is its bezel, particularly seen in the Batman GMT model. Clean factory’s Batman GMT boasts the most accurate blue/black color on the bezel. Similar to GM and AR factories, Clean factory also utilizes 904L stainless steel for the construction of this GMT-Master. Additionally, the movement used in Clean factory’s GMT-Master is a clone 3186, which replicates the settings of the genuine Rolex 3186 movement.

Not many people own the GMT-Master II from Clean factory, and there are no customer reviews available. Regardless of whether the quality is the best or not, it still requires time for testing.

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